Bolts, nuts and washers for applications in steel construction

A higher efficiancy leads to design advantages

Substituting conventional HV standard bolt connections

IHF Stretchbolt and IHF Roundnut were designed for bolt connections on steel constructions, which are mainly subjected to tensile loads, for example the flange tower bolt connections of wind turbine towers or the foundation bolts.

The advantages of their design are useful for many applications in steel construction. By prcise production and a precise implementation of the preload IHF Fasteners offer to design the whole flange more efficiant.

Depending on customer’s requirements following advantages can be chosen with IHF Fasteners:

  1. Using smaller bolt diameters on equal flange dimensions (which saves material costs of the fasteners

    or alternatively:

  2. Reducing the number of bolts on a flange but generating the same preload
  3. Reducing the flange dimension on equal bolt dimension

IHF Fasteners can substitute conventional HV standard bolt connections. 

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