IHF Stretch System

IHF Stretchbolt and IHF Roundnut use the benefits of the hydraulic, friction-free and torsion-free tensioning

IHF Stretch System: IHF Verbindungselemente und Schraubenspannzylinder

Definition of the term “IHF Stretch System”:

When IHF Stretchbolt and the IHF Roundnut are tightened by the method “hydraulic, torsion-free and friction-free tensioning” with bolt tensioning cylinders this is called “IHF Stretch System”.

Stretch is meant as a reference to elastic stretch of the bolt. Because of its high precision the IHF Stretch System loads the IHF Stretch Bolt up to 92 % of the yield strength or more.

Hydraulic, friction-free and torison-free tightening

The animation video explains the method in 49 seconds.

When tightening bolts by the hydraulic, friction-free and torsion-free tightening method the required target tensioning force FM is achieved due to an only axial elongation of the bolt.

This leads to to a high repeatability of the remaining tightening force (FVM) of about ± 1 %. This results in an accurate and even tensioning force (FM).

Generating precise and even pre-loads with the IHF Stretch System

Preloads compared: IHF offers precision
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