Design advantages of the IHF Stretch System

Flange dimensions can be reduced

Reduction of the flange dimensions with IHF Fasteners

Because of the compact radial dimensions of the IHF Roundnut and the bolting tool bolt tensioning cylinder the axial distance b from flange wall to bolt pitch diameter can be reduced.

This technical advantages offers two alternating options:

  1. A smaller dimensioning of the whole flange which leads to cost reductions. Alternatively
  2. The bolt spacing can be reduced, smaller bolt dimensions can be used which leads to cost reductions.

Further technical advantages

  • No bending or torsion stresses inside of the bolt because of the method
  • Higher utilization of the yield strength
  • Exact implementation of the pre-tensioning forces
  • High reproducibility of the pre-tensioning force
  • Easy and worksafe and faster mounting procedures – in-field tests have proven to be faster than common torqueing methods
  • Use of smaller bolt dimensions on equal pre-tensioning forces 
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