Bolts, nuts and washers from IHF Fastener Systems

IHF delivers standard and special fasteners for windturbines, general engineering and all industrial applications from M24 bis W510 (3/4'' up to 20'')

IHF Stretchbolt and IHF Roundnut

Maintenance Free Bolt Connection

IHF Stretch System

The ETA-certified fasteners IHF Stretchbolt and IHF Roundnut can be used to substitute common HV bolt connections.

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IHF standard hexagon bolt

Bolts, nuts and washers

IHF standard fastener program

IHF produces bolts, nuts and washers from M20 to W510 (3/4'' up to 20'') according to all known norms or according to customer specification.

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Contact IHF Fasteners Systems

Contact IHF Fastener Systems

For the most efficiant bolted joint

We would be happy to give advise on technical questions, bolt design, delivery times or availability.

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