Bolts, nuts and washers for bolted joints on windturbines

Tower segment bolts, foundation bolts (anchor rods), hub bolts, blade bearing bolts, nacelle application bolts and more


Overview of fasteners

IHF delivers various fasteners for wind turbines like for example:

  • stud bolts
  • expansion bolts
  • standard stud bolts
  • foundation bolts (anchor rods)
  • standard hexagon nuts
  • roundnuts
  • and more

IHF Fasteners are applied on several applications on wind turbines like for example:

For tower segment bolts: "Maintenance Free Bolting"


Tower segment bolts are mainly subjected to tensile loads. The IHF fasteners Stretchbolt and Roundnut are designed to meet these requirments.

Find more information on “Maintenance free bolting” here.

Tower segment bolting of a windturbine with IHF Fasteners


Mounted at a wind turbine flange: IHF Stretchbolt and IHF Roundnut


Slewing bearing bolt tightening with IHF Fasteners


Contact IHF Fastener Systems

Contact IHF for the most efficient bolt design. We would be happy to give consultation regarding

  • design of bolted joints
  • availability
  • delivery times
  • technical questions

Use our contact sheet to contact us or give us a call.

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