Reduction of total costs

The IHF Stretch System reduces maintenance costs, installation costs and material costs

The technical benefits from design of the IHF Stretchbolt and IHF Fasteners combined with the benefits of the hydraulic, torsion-free and friction-free tensioning with bolt tensioning cylinders leads to significant cost reductions of a construction:

  1. Reduction of maintenance intervals: “Maintenance free bolting”
  2. Reduction of material costs
  3. Reduction of installation costs

-> Reduction of total costs of a construction or machine (“Total cost concept”)

Less maintenance costs: "Maintenance free bolting"

Cost reductions by the IHF Stretch System

An 18-month in-field analysis on wind turbine towers with more than 3.000 ultrasonic measurements prove that the achieved assembly preloads (FM) are within a close tolerance and consistently above the required pre-loads. These precise results have the effect that the bolt connections with IHF fasteners do not have to be maintained such as conventional HV bolt connections (high-strength bolt connection) – IHF Stretchbolt and IHF Roundnut can be called “maintenance-free”.

This significantly saves costs – especially if the fasteners are applied in offshore applications.

Less material costs

The compact design and a high precision of the IHF Stretch System offers two options to save material costs:

  1. A smaller dimensioning of the whole flange which leads to cost reductions. Alternatively
  2. The bolt spacing can be reduced, smaller bolt dimensions can be used which leads to cost reductions.
Reduced flange design with IHF fasteners

Less installation costs

As reference projects in-field have shown the IHF Stretch System works faster and thereby reduces the time needed for a first installation of a new machine.

  • Faster mounting procedures by a faster bolting system:
    • Less working hours of the working staff
    • Less peripheral costs (energy costs, transport costs, rental costs of construction machines and equipment, running expenses)
  • Easy handling and processing of the equipment (no washers)
    • One source of possible mistakes during installation is erased
    • Easier handling, procurement, shipment of only 2 IHF fastener items

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